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Colton &​ Hailey

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April 24th, 2021

Their Story

Colton & Hailey met in September of 2018 while Colton worked for Hailey’s father.  On September 19th, 2018, Hailey slid into Colton’s DM’s and the two exchanged phone numbers; not knowing where it might lead. After a little time, Colton & Hailey decided to meet up on the down low so Colton’s boss (Hailey’s Father) didn’t find out.

Over the next few months, they grew closer while continuing to keep their relationship a secret. The couple continued their discrete meetings when they could to ensure a safe working environment for Colton. February, 2019 came around and they decided to make their relationship official. 

In July, 2019 the couple took a vacation and while on vacation, decided to move in together when they got back. They have since taken several vacations and in March of 2020, Colton popped the question


Colton has been in law enforcement since April of 2018. On his days off, he enjoys working on the lawn, annoying Hailey and hanging out with friends. 


Hailey has worked at Cox Hospital since August of 2018. She is currently an EMCT in the ER. She enjoys crafting, annoying Colton and baking.

And so the adventure begins...

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